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Developing one student at a time



We are committed to providing the best opportunities to our students and their families. We would welcome the chance to speak further with you and your families about our commitment, or anything else on the experience we offer you.   

ASER Difference

We are different than all education services in the world. We personalize your experience and travel throughout your journey with you. We play more roles than just being your instructor, counselor and guidance. We are in it together. 

Better Results

Throughout your journey with us, we will guide you toward your goals, whether it is college bound in North America or better prepare you for your academic success no matter where you go. You have our dedication and our results. 


ASER (American Solutions for Educational Resources), founded in 2009, provides comprehensive and customized student and family services for all learners in order to maximize educational opportunities in the United States and Canada.  From certified on-line coursework through EdX, founded by Harvard University as “a mission-driven organization relentlessly pursuing a vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location” to courses specializing in ESL development, IELTS, SAT/TOEFL and other standardized test preparation, such as the GED, which is the equivalent of a US high school diploma, ASER customizes learning plans for every student.  We specialize in summer enrichment opportunities in the United States and Canada as well as college counseling services designed to maximize scholarships and admittance into the best colleges and universities.  Should families be interested in full-year study in North America, ASER will find the best fit for each student and manage the application process from start to finish.  Our goal, which is your goal, is to create as many global opportunities as possible for each and every learner.



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